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Meet Kevin Salvas,
Our ADHD Specialist

Should I consider ADHD Testing for my child?

Do you feel like your child may be struggling with:

  • staying focused

  • staying on task

  • not being capable of controlling impulses


If you said 'yes' to any of these, your child may have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD, for short. Here at RVA Counseling, we are here to help. We are currently offering testing for children ages 6-18. We can test your child to see if they meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD.

What is ADHD?

ADHD presents itself in three ways: Inattentive type, Hyperactive-Impulsive type, and a combination of the two. In inattentive type, it may be hard for someone to organize or finish a task, pay attention to details, or follow instructions asked of them. The person can be easily distracted, forget details, or daily routines. In Hyperactive-Impulsive type, a person may have trouble sitting still for a long period of time such as eating dinner or completing schoolwork. The person may fidget often or have a lot of energy and need to be in constant motion. Someone who is impulsive may interrupt others when they are speaking, have a hard time waiting their turn or listening to directions in their entirety.

ADHD can last into adulthood as well. Some adults have ADHD but have never been diagnosed. The symptoms can cause difficulty at work, at home, or with relationships. Symptoms may look different at older ages, for example, hyperactivity may appear as extreme restlessness. Symptoms can become more severe when the demands of adulthood increase.

How Testing Works

ADHD testing will be broken down into two sessions.


In the first session, your child will meet with our ADHD specialist where they will conduct an interview discussing their experiences with ADHD. They will discuss how their ADHD symptoms have affected their schoolwork, their educational career, and/or relationships with others. Following the interview, they will conduct rating scales to help in determining if they meet the criteria for ADHD.


In the follow-up session, your child will meet with the ADHD specialist in order to review the results of the testing and see if they meet the diagnostic criteria of ADHD.

Cost of Testing

A $125 non-refundable deposit will be collected at the time of scheduling. At the first appointment, the remaining $175 will be due. In total, for both appointments, it is a $300 flat fee, no insurances accepted.

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